That is a big question! But a very good one.


Let’s start at the beginning. 

What is PR? And why is it important?

 In simple terms, public relations is the strategic process of managing your brand-related info to the public. 

Good PR is essential recipe for the success. or any brand.


GLOW wol promote your brand's reputation, organically.


We use strategic communications to build trust and credibility - leading to long term growth.


Pretty important, right?

We got you. 


There are no silly questions.  Our small but mighty team of GlowBots*  are here to help.

We love our diverse client base - from quirky craft brands to tech start ups - and encourage you to reach out no matter what stage you are at in your PR journey. 


We want to level the PR playing field. Our policy is to assume our clients have no prior knowledge of PR practices, unless we are told otherwise.


It all starts with a discovery call. Your very own GlowBot PR Specialist will ask lots of questions and become part of the furniture (don't worry we dont expect our own desk! We work flexibly from various locations with regular meetings at our London workspace)


Authentic comms made to glow your brand.


Packages for any budget. Yes really!