Erasing Grace: Riot Grrl Returns with Debut EP Hurricane Hill

Updated: May 25

5th April 2021

NEW MUSIC: Fan of PJ Harvey, Hole and Patti Smith? Get ready for a summer of 1990s nostalgia with 3 powerful new releases by emerging female-fronted grunge band, Erasing Grace

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Former music festival director and published poet, Anna Grace Du Noyer is

'standing on the shoulders of Riot Grrls!' heading up Brit based band Erasing Grace with 3 stunning debut records, Shoot Me, Running Out of Reasons, and Hurricane Hill - set for release between June 4th and June 18th 2021

With themes of oppression and resistance, that fans of the frontwoman's second published Poetry book will be familiar with, she truly captures the zeitgeist of her 1990s youth. Du Noyer makes no mistake with this no-holds-barred translation of the biographical poems.

Taking on a life of their own the words are now multi-faceted and complex; a dreamy mix of melancholy and psychedelic alternative rock, underpinned by 90s grunge roots.

Fierce frontwoman, songwriter and co-producer Anna Grace vocals will give you guaranteed goosebumps with Mazzy Star-like ethereal harmonies which are met with explicit growls that Patti Smith would be proud of.

Erasing Grace was conceived as a band in 2020, in Liverpool, England, UK during the Coronavirus pandemic, with Anna Grace's self-penned tracks co-produced by based multi-instrumentalist, Renzo Calma of Buenos Aires heavy metal outfit, Mantra.

Erasing Grace unveil a debut record that jars into the canon of rock misogyny in only the way a riot girl can.

She's right. Stomach twisting tribal drums and distorted bass is laced with stunning tormented harmonies - telling a tale of feminine disaffection, furious vulnerability and painful alienation.

This is a coming of age record. Authentic and raw stories from a woman in her 30s without the bravado and force-fed hedonism often present in younger artists.

Euphorically unapologetic.


Running Out of Reasons Demo now available on Spotify